Friday Faves: September 23, 2022

TGIF! It has been a while since I last posted on here, and I am so sorry for the unexpected break. I have been experiencing a serious case of writer’s block, and so I am hoping that by writing this post, it will help me create more posts. This week’s favorites are a mixture ofContinue reading “Friday Faves: September 23, 2022”

Heartbeats by Sarah Cantafio is the Ultimate Love Letter

Back when I worked in the Town Clerk’s office, there was a couple that came in to apply for their marriage license. This was a normal occurrence — especially in the spring and summer time when wedding season is hot and heavy in Connecticut. What made this couple so unique was the bride. She wasContinue reading “Heartbeats by Sarah Cantafio is the Ultimate Love Letter”

Women Who Work: Maxine

Maxine does it all. She is a teacher by day and comes home to create amazing content. Whether it’s a review on her Bookstagram, @ captivatedbythecover , an episode on her new podcast, Something Simple, or a vlog, she’s definitely one of the most reliable influencers I know and watch. Maxine was so kind toContinue reading “Women Who Work: Maxine”

What I Learned Since Starting to Run 5ks

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always dreamed about running a 5k race. For the longest time, I thought that goal was always unattainable and out of reach. That is, until now. This past August, I finally laced up my sneakers and ran. And, I finished my best time. Yesterday, I participated inContinue reading “What I Learned Since Starting to Run 5ks”

If and Only If by CS McKinney Is a Novel That You Can’t Pass Up

This is a book that you’re going to not want to put down. And, you might need some tissues. I discovered the author C.S. McKinney through a friend’s Instagram and immediately downloaded the novel If and Only If: Experience College in Her Running Shoes. It was a novel that I am so glad that IContinue reading “If and Only If by CS McKinney Is a Novel That You Can’t Pass Up”

Friday Faves: September 2, 2022

Okay, so I still can’t believe that I am titling a Friday Faves post with the word September in it. 2022 just flew by, everyone. That said, I am excited that for the upcoming three-day weekend, and a chance to watch some television shows. But first, let’s share some of my favorites from the week!Continue reading “Friday Faves: September 2, 2022”

Marissa D’Angelo’s Cursed Inn Brings Readers Back to Charles Island

Author’s Summary: Come stay at an island getaway where you can forget all of your worries. The longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave… Lady Angeline didn’t seem to follow the path that the other ladies did in her town. In the 1800’s, most would have been married off while Angeline foundContinue reading “Marissa D’Angelo’s Cursed Inn Brings Readers Back to Charles Island”

What I Wore This Week

Happy Sunday, everyone! We are back with yet another What I Wore This Week. This week has a few different purses that I wore throughout the week. The first is the Coach Jules Hobo Bag, the second is the Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag, and the third is the Coach Gallery Tote Bag. This week’sContinue reading “What I Wore This Week”

Friday Faves: August 26, 2022

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited for the weekend, because I have nothing planned. I have so many style favorites that I am sharing, and I am so excited to pass these along to you. So, without further adue, here are this week’s favorites! Coach Tech Wallet: I have been using the same walletContinue reading “Friday Faves: August 26, 2022”

What I Wore This Past Week

Happy Sunday funday everyone! I know that the last thing that we want to think about is Monday, but I wanted to share some of the outfits that I wore this past week. Many of them are business casual, which is something that I personally struggle with coming up with ideas. However, I did manageContinue reading “What I Wore This Past Week”