Friday Faves: May 20, 2022

TGIF everyone! I finally can say that I put the moving process behind me, and I am so excited to finally get back to blogging. That said, I don’t know when I’ll regularly resume to blogging. I have ideas, and now that I have the time again to do it, I hope to have postsContinue reading “Friday Faves: May 20, 2022”

Book Review: Marissa D’Angelo’s the Cursed Spirit

“You are Catori. And, of all people, you should know what that means. Spirit” — The Cursed Spirit by Marissa D’Angelo It all started with a reading slump. I was about three books behind on my Goodreads goal, and I was looking for something quick to read. So, I picked up Marissa D’Angelo’s The CursedContinue reading “Book Review: Marissa D’Angelo’s the Cursed Spirit”

Walking Through the Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms

Spring has sprung in the Wooster Square area of New Haven. In the historic Italian section of New Haven, you can walk through the park to find pale pink blooms, as the famous cherry blossoms have finally reached their peak. The Cherry Blossoms have been a part of the Wooster Square area for years. OnContinue reading “Walking Through the Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms”

Woman Who Work: Chelsea of Wilde Threads Studio

Chelsea, owner of Wilde Threads Studio, is a woman who wears many hats. She is running an Etsy shop with embroidered totes, bookmarks and pouches. She is also killing the TikTok and Instagram game, which offers a behind the scenes look at her shop. How did you learn how to do embroidery? What inspired youContinue reading “Woman Who Work: Chelsea of Wilde Threads Studio”

How My Perspective On Fitness Has Changed In the Last Few Months

My fitness journey began in June 2020. I went to my physical, and surprisingly gained the “COVID 19.” With a family history of high blood pressure and heart issues, my doctor had asked me to lose weight. I tried everything. Last year, I joined a few different trainer programs, and my frustrations grew. I wasn’tContinue reading “How My Perspective On Fitness Has Changed In the Last Few Months”

Bag Talk: Talking About TikTok’s Most Viral Bags — Are They Worth It?

I have become obsessed with TikTok lately, especially when it comes to hauls and bags. And, I am not going to lie, because of TikTok, I may have purchased some of them. No regrets. So, I gathered some of the most viral bags I can think of, and I am going to tell you ifContinue reading “Bag Talk: Talking About TikTok’s Most Viral Bags — Are They Worth It?”