A Letter to the Guy Who Wrote the Total Frat Move Listicle

To the author of the Total Frat Move Article, I appreciate reading your list of what makes the perfect college girlfriend. I am so sorry, but my love handles and I would rather lick the railing of a subway in New York City then put my mouth within a five-mile radius of your genitals. YourContinue reading “A Letter to the Guy Who Wrote the Total Frat Move Listicle”

Defending My State University Education

For four and a half years, I have called Southern Connecticut State University my home. During that time, I blossomed and grew into the woman that I am today. I learned many different things, both in and out the classroom. And, I met some awesome people along the way. All of that – good stuff.Continue reading “Defending My State University Education”

A Note To My Future Boyfriend

Last week, I read this wonderful article on the Odyssey called “To My Future Girlfriend.”Reading that article inspired me to write my own verision of that article.  Dear Whatever Your Name Is, I want you to know that I am looking forward to the day we meet, if we haven’t met already. Despite whether orContinue reading “A Note To My Future Boyfriend”

Make It Happen

My biggest pet peeve is when someone talks about something they are unhappy about in their life that they have the power to change, or make better. This may be in any aspect of life, from where you work, your state of mind to relationships. Chances are, there is something you can do to alleviateContinue reading “Make It Happen”

The Importance of Enjoying Life

Recently, I read the book Home to Italy by Peter Pezzelli. As I was reading it, it got me thinking about something. From what the book said, life seemed completely different then it is in the U.S. Every afternoon, the entire town shuts down for a while to rest and eat lunch. Here in America,Continue reading “The Importance of Enjoying Life”

Why 13 Reasons Why Should Be Integrated in High School Curriculums

Online bullying, finding out your sexuality, betrayal from friends, suicide, depression, and slut-shaming are some of the issues that were portrayed in the novel turned Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. These are also issues that many high school across America face as well, which is why the novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher shouldContinue reading “Why 13 Reasons Why Should Be Integrated in High School Curriculums”

Ignore The Numbers

When it comes to your body, it seems that everything is measured in numbers – how much you weigh, how many calories you burn or consume, and what your pants size is. By using numbers as a method of comparison, it is easy for those to compare their numbers to others. There is so muchContinue reading “Ignore The Numbers”

Why I Refuse To Be A Victim

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been broken up with or suffered the cruel effects of heartbreak. Okay, now keep them up if you met someone new, but still nursed the effects of a broken heart – and, as a result, caused you to keep them at a safe distance away. Relationships – and lifeContinue reading “Why I Refuse To Be A Victim”