My Halloween Favorites!

Happy Halloween and the last day of Blogtober! In honor of spooky season and Halloween, I decided to share my Halloween favorites: Candy: My favorite candy during the Halloween season is by far candy corn. However, my favorite candy by far is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (and yes I love the pumpkin shaped ones), andContinue reading “My Halloween Favorites!”

Black Friday Sales I’m Eyeing

After tomorrow, the holiday season is among us. I’m not sure how the shortages will affect Black Friday sales this year, but there are still a few brands that I always shop their Black Friday sales every year. To prepare, I often do a no-spend throughout the month just to make sure I have moreContinue reading “Black Friday Sales I’m Eyeing”

Q and A With My Boyfriend: Talking About Our Relationship, Being Single, and More!

I was listening to a podcast episode of Michelle Reed’s podcast called But What’s Next? and she had her husband on, answering questions. Having run out of ideas (thanks Blogtober), I decided to ask my boyfriend a few questions about his take on our personal relationship and general questions to get a guy’s perspective. ThatContinue reading “Q and A With My Boyfriend: Talking About Our Relationship, Being Single, and More!”

Book Recommendations For Those Who Want to Get Back Into Reading

As an avid reader, reading for the most part comes easy to me because I enjoy it. However, I know that reading can be a struggle for some. That said, I have picked some of the books that I’ve read over the years that have completely engrossed me to help you get started. I triedContinue reading “Book Recommendations For Those Who Want to Get Back Into Reading”

Recipe: S’mores Trail Mix

Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I know that I will be attending a lot of gatherings that may entail me to have to bring something. However, as a busy gal, I might not always have the time to devote to baking or cooking something. That is how this s’mores trail mix has become my go-toContinue reading “Recipe: S’mores Trail Mix”

Favorite Fall Fashion Items

Fall Fashion is one of the coziest times of year, but for me, it’s the most confusing. Sometimes, the weather is almost 80 degrees. Other times, the weather is chilly. That said, I’m pretty excited to be pulling out some of my favorite pieces and adding a few more in. So, here are my favoritesContinue reading “Favorite Fall Fashion Items”