Women Who Work: Kristen Bellico, Owner of Brightside Nutrition

2021 was the year that I discovered nutrition teas and protein shakes, as I head down my own weight-loss journey. And, I am not the only one, as many of these protein shakes and tea shops have been popping up everywhere. Kristen Bellico is the owner of the up and coming Brightside Nutrition, which isContinue reading “Women Who Work: Kristen Bellico, Owner of Brightside Nutrition”

Another Mother’s Day Without Mom

I thought there was nothing worse than the initial pain and shock when you lose a parent. It feels almost as if your heart can’t break any further than it already has, and you can never escape from it. Until you eventually start to heal. And then holidays come around, and all of a sudden,Continue reading “Another Mother’s Day Without Mom”

Shopping My Way Around CT: Tickled Pink in Seymour

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to Seymour to check out a store that I have been wanting to go to for a while. That store is Tickled Pink, a family owned boutique that is located at 23 Bank Street in Seymour. The business has been a part of the Seymour community forContinue reading “Shopping My Way Around CT: Tickled Pink in Seymour”

Eating My Way Around CT: UNutrition in Hamden

I have always been skeptical of protein shakes. How could a shake that tasted like a milk shake be good for you? Well, that changed a few weeks back when I got the inkling to try U-Nutrition in Hamden. Located on the Mount Carmel Plaza on 2985 Whitney Avenue, the shop has been there forContinue reading “Eating My Way Around CT: UNutrition in Hamden”

Friday Faves: April 16th, 2021

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: I wanted to read this before watching the TV show, and I really loved this book. The book is about Kate and Tully, who are two best friends. It’s 1974, and Kate is an awkward junior high school girl while Tully just wants to be loved by her mom. TheContinue reading “Friday Faves: April 16th, 2021”

#BookTok Books Worth the Read

Booktok, aka the section of TikTok where avid readers discuss their favorite reads has become one of my favorite things to do to unwind. The phenomenon, while new, has become a way to recommend books so much that Barnes and Noble had dedicated an entire page filled with recommendations. After taking a look at whatContinue reading “#BookTok Books Worth the Read”

9 Things That I Have Been Doing to Spend Less Money

In the past year alone, I have been working to gradually improve my spending habits and finances for the better for many reasons. When I was younger, I did not make the best choices in terms of spending. As I got older and began to consume more content about the subject, it dawned on meContinue reading “9 Things That I Have Been Doing to Spend Less Money”

Friday Faves: April 9, 2021

Trader Joe’s Powerberries: What are power berries, you may ask? It is dark chocolate covered fruit juice pieces wit açaí, pomegranate, cranberry, and blueberry juices. And it is so delicious. I tried them at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and it was so good. I bought my own, and have been snacking it on ever since.Continue reading “Friday Faves: April 9, 2021”

Made by Aniela Expands Her Brand With New Drops

Note: This was a sponsored post, where I received free items in exchange for this post. Lydia, owner of the Etsy Shop, Made by Aniela has three major drops in the month of April in the efforts of expanding her brand. These new pieces do just that, as she’s growing into beaded necklaces and sunContinue reading “Made by Aniela Expands Her Brand With New Drops”