Shopping My Way Around CT: Tickled Pink in Seymour

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to Seymour to check out a store that I have been wanting to go to for a while. That store is Tickled Pink, a family owned boutique that is located at 23 Bank Street in Seymour. The business has been a part of the Seymour community for about 15 years.

Tickled Pink is one of the cutest boutiques that I’ve been to lately, and is a great place to go to if you’re looking to shop for a gift or something for yourself. They have so many great things to choose from — from home decor to jewelry, and have brands such as T. Jazzelle, Little Words Project, Scout, Mantraband, Jellycat and so much more. Everything is pretty reasonably priced, so it’s very easy to find something that won’t hit hard on the budget.

What really stuck out to me about this shop is the customer service that I received. I unfortunately did not get her name, however, she was amazing from the moment I wandered in to the second I left the store. She was able to find the T. Jazzelle bracelet that I wanted, which was not even on the shelf yet, and was so friendly and passionate about her business. She also was very helpful with answering my questions about any of the items in the store.

Furthermore, Tickled Pink has something that I find is becoming more and more common with small business — a strong social media presence. Every Tuesday, there is a Facebook live, known as Tickled Pink Tuesday, where the owners will go on to share about all of the new arrivals and have live sales.

Furthermore, there is now an app that is available in the App Store of your choosing where you can go onto and shop. And, if you refer a friend, you and that friend get a percentage off. Lives are also on the app as well.

I tuned into the Tickled Pink Tuesday night and I am so glad that I did. They had so many fun items from jewelry to home decor to bath products. The energy was amazing, and every product was explained in full detail. I may have purchased a few items from the live, and I’m so excited to receive them.

I also want to mention that using the app to shop is so easy. All you do is press the shop button while tuning into the live and you can find it instantly in your cart.

While this was my first visit to Tickled Pink, it certainly won’t be the last. I have a few items on my wishlist, and I definitely want to continue supporting this small business for many years to come.

4 thoughts on “Shopping My Way Around CT: Tickled Pink in Seymour

  1. Tickled Pink looks like an adorable shop with so many treasures! And the fact that they have their own app for contactless shopping as well as their live FB sessions on Tuesdays is marketing genius!


  2. What a cute looking shop. It’s unique and colorful. I can imagine spending a lot of time looking there. I’m not a big shopper but I’d love to shop their items.


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