Hi Anxiety, Will You Let Me Sleep At Night?

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Month, I am going to write about having anxiety. But, if you’re a regular around here, chances are you know already I deal with anxiety. Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with since my junior year of college. That was the time when I struggled to maintain a normal, balancedContinue reading “Hi Anxiety, Will You Let Me Sleep At Night?”

Good Days, Good Mental Health

Did you know that May is Mental Illness Awareness Month? If you didn’t, then today you learned something. To help raise awareness for mental illnesses, I am going to dedicate several posts to discuss the importance of mental health awareness as well as acceptance. Why? Well, mental illness isn’t as uncommon as you think it mayContinue reading “Good Days, Good Mental Health”

Why It’s Okay to Unfollow Someone

It’s safe to say that I practically grew up with social media. In middle school, I would stand in front of a mirror (or with a friend) and throw up a duck face. #classy I then would edit the picture using Picnic, throw up a cheesy quote, and then dedicate an entire Facebook album to thoseContinue reading “Why It’s Okay to Unfollow Someone”