Eating My Way Around CT: Micalizzi of Milford Opens

Now that summertime is around the corner, ice cream is definitely on my brain. Therefore, it’s a good thing that the Micalizzi location in downtown Milford had opened this past weekend. Micalizzi is an ice cream and Italian ice place. This is the second location of Micalizzi, as the first is located in Bridgeport. ThereContinue reading “Eating My Way Around CT: Micalizzi of Milford Opens”

4 More Things I Have Been Doing to Save More Money

One thing that I have been doing a lot more is saving money and doing whatever I could to increase how much savings I have. I’ve written a few posts about this (such as this one last month, but I wanted to write another post with more tips in case you’re looking to save someContinue reading “4 More Things I Have Been Doing to Save More Money”

Is the Peloton App Worth It?

Here’s a little story time for you: I’ve been a fan of working out from home for pretty much years. Before COVID-19, I would do whatever workout videos I can find from YouTube, and Amazon Prime. I did buy a workout bike, but it was a very basic one that you could not go outContinue reading “Is the Peloton App Worth It?”