What I Wore This Week

Happy Sunday, everyone! We are back with yet another What I Wore This Week. This week has a few different purses that I wore throughout the week. The first is the Coach Jules Hobo Bag, the second is the Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag, and the third is the Coach Gallery Tote Bag. This week’sContinue reading “What I Wore This Week”

Friday Faves: August 26, 2022

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited for the weekend, because I have nothing planned. I have so many style favorites that I am sharing, and I am so excited to pass these along to you. So, without further adue, here are this week’s favorites! Coach Tech Wallet: I have been using the same walletContinue reading “Friday Faves: August 26, 2022”

What I Wore This Past Week

Happy Sunday funday everyone! I know that the last thing that we want to think about is Monday, but I wanted to share some of the outfits that I wore this past week. Many of them are business casual, which is something that I personally struggle with coming up with ideas. However, I did manageContinue reading “What I Wore This Past Week”

Is the Louis Vuitton Agenda Worth It?

After reading the title of this post, you must be thinking: I am an adult. Why would I need a planner if I am not going to classes? Here’s my answer: some do, others do not. Some people use digital planners, and that works for them. Others use a paper planner to keep track. And,Continue reading “Is the Louis Vuitton Agenda Worth It?”

The Farm in Woodbury Is Your Place to Go For The Perfect Late Summer Date

Sunflowers are my favorite flower. I don’t have a why other than they just bring me so much joy. Around this time of year, I drag my fiancé to a sunflower field. Last year, I went to the Lyman Orchard one. This year, we decided to take a trip out to the Farm in WoodburyContinue reading “The Farm in Woodbury Is Your Place to Go For The Perfect Late Summer Date”

My Top Amazon Jewelry Picks

We all know that I am a jewelry girl. For years, I’ve watched influencers such as Moriah Robinson purchase jewelry from Amazon. However, I was scarred for life from the early days of Amazon when many of the pieces weren’t as great of a quality as they are now. Recently, I started purchasing some piecesContinue reading “My Top Amazon Jewelry Picks”

The Book That Broke TikTok: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

#BookTokMadeMeDoIt The novel Things We Never Got Over practically has taken over the internet. This novel is the first in the Knockmeout series, and tells the story of Naomi, a runaway bride who comes to the rescue of her twin sister, Tina, who is always in trouble. Naomi finds out that she has a nieceContinue reading “The Book That Broke TikTok: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score”