The Farm in Woodbury Is Your Place to Go For The Perfect Late Summer Date

Sunflowers are my favorite flower. I don’t have a why other than they just bring me so much joy. Around this time of year, I drag my fiancé to a sunflower field. Last year, I went to the Lyman Orchard one. This year, we decided to take a trip out to the Farm in Woodbury to look at fields of my favorite flower.

The Sunflower Festival in Woodbury opened their fields on August 4, and currently have over 19 different types of sunflowers. Their fields are absolutely gorgeous. Despite the fact that we went in 100 degree weather, it was really peaceful to walk around. Other than bees, the fields were inhabited with birds and butterflies.

If this posts convinces you to take the drive, I highly recommend checking out their farm stand. They have a ton of sunflower memorabilia, but also have fresh fruits, honey, and other confections. Yum.

Tickets for the sunflower farm can be purchased online here.

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