Is the Louis Vuitton Agenda Worth It?

After reading the title of this post, you must be thinking: I am an adult. Why would I need a planner if I am not going to classes?

Here’s my answer: some do, others do not. Some people use digital planners, and that works for them. Others use a paper planner to keep track. And, of course, there are some people who can just remember their appointments. I am not one of those people.

One of the most famous planners is the Louis Vuitton agenda. I currently have the Agenda PM and Medium Agenda Cover, and I absolutely love them both. Now, if you do get this planner, I highly recommend getting it on the preloved market. I scored my agenda PM for less than 200 dollars.

The Agenda comes in three sizes: the small, the medium and the large. The agenda PM (small agenda) is the smaller of the two, and is perfect for anyone on the go. I use this agenda with all of my smaller bags. I love it for that reason, and this is the one that I reach for the most. That said, this one has a few drawbacks. This is tiny. I have a hard time fitting in some of the inserts that I got, and sometimes things can get small really quickly. But, this is great just for someone who just wants to keep track of bills and appointments.

However, the agenda MM (medium) is the perfect Goldilocks version. I love it because it fits all of the inserts, and I even have a notes section for me to jot things down when I need to. And, it’s still relatively small in comparison to the larger sizes. There is also plenty of room, so I don’t have to squish my handwriting into it. The only drawback to this one that I can’t fit this in my bags such as the Pochette Métis and the Alma BB.

Now, do I think that this is worth it? Yes. I love it because unlike some of the other planners out there, they can be taken with me on the go without me feeling like I am taking a hardcover notebook with me (which by the way, can get really heavy). And, you can make the planner be whatever you want to be? If you want to have a section for bills, there’s inserts for that. If you want to have a large notes section, you can do it. The options for this piece are endless, and I love it that you can customize it to whatever you may need. As I said earlier, I do recommend that you get them on the preloaded market though. These are some of my most used products from Louis Vuitton, and I recommend them highly. I also think that these are classic and practical items, so they are worth the price tags.

Before we go, I want to talk about inserts. Louis Vuitton offers them for a hefty price tag. Honestly, I highly recommend checking sites like Etsy or Amazon. Not only will you be able to get the pieces made to reflect how you want it to me, but you will be saving a ton of money.

4 thoughts on “Is the Louis Vuitton Agenda Worth It?

  1. I feel bad for using a $4 planner. My planner isn’t very good so I totally agree that having a planner that you love is worth it.

    The posh planner I like wasn’t available this year so I didn’t get it. I couldn’t pay $200 for a planner but that’s just me. I do like the LV aesthetic though! Your planners are very nice 👌


      1. In all honestly, I don’t love my $4 planner. I’ve missed meetings and appts because I don’t use it often enough. Hoping to get my other planner (the posh organizer) next year. There’s no inserts for it so I have to buy a new one each year. A planner that you can use over and over again is the most ideal in the long-run!


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