Clinton Outlet Mini Haul

As I mentioned quite a few times in previous posts, I am obsessed with going to the outlets. This past weekend, I decided to take a trip to the Clinton Crossing outlets with a few of my girlfriends. I came into shopping with a single purpose — I wanted a new crossbody bag in aContinue reading “Clinton Outlet Mini Haul”

What I Love Wednesday: January 29th

Happy Hump Day everyone! It is the last Wednesday of the month, and I am so amazed that we are already at the end of January. It already feels like 2020 is flying by. That said, here are my favorites this week: Graphic Novels: I started my journey by watching Ariel Bissett’s YouTube channel. InContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: January 29th”

Eating My Way Around CT: Bangkok Boulevard

Thai food is one of my go-tos when it comes to takeout on a Friday night. I know it’s cliche, but I love it. In the winter months, it’s definitely something that I get on a regular basis. And, it’s definitely one the healthier side. One of my favorite places in Hamden is by farContinue reading “Eating My Way Around CT: Bangkok Boulevard”

What I Love Wednesday: January 21

This week is a four day week for me, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m just recovering from a cold and a stomach virus, so I am so excited to just feel better. Anyways, here are my favorites of the week: Little Big Town’s New Album Little Big Town has become one of myContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: January 21”

Wanna Start Bullet Journaling? Here’s Some Ideas To Get Started!

I am new to the whole bullet journaling concept, but so far I’ve been really loving it. It has been helping me stay on top of my goals, and helping me stay organized. Now, what is a bullet journal? According to Wikipedia, the definition of a bullet journal is a method of personal organization developedContinue reading “Wanna Start Bullet Journaling? Here’s Some Ideas To Get Started!”

21 Mashed Potato Books I Want to Get To In 2020

You may be looking at the title and scratching your head. What is a mashed potato book? Well, according to one of my favorite podcasts Books UnBound, a mashed potato book is something that has been on your to be read shelf for a while. After listening to this, I decided to compile a list ofContinue reading “21 Mashed Potato Books I Want to Get To In 2020”

What I Love Wednesday: January 15th

Can you believe that we are already in the middle of the first month of 2020? No, I can’t. I just can’t. With that being said, here are some of the things that I’ve been loving this week: Catfish: I am obsessed with Catfish the TV show. Last week, was the season premier. And, IContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: January 15th”

What I’ve Been Doing to Help My Mental Health

Ever since the holidays, I have been in a little bit of a funk. I think a huge part comes from the natural hustle and bustle of the holiday season – the cramming of family gatherings and trying to make sure you remember everything that you need to accomplish. However, the holiday season this yearContinue reading “What I’ve Been Doing to Help My Mental Health”