What I Love Wednesday: January 29th

Happy Hump Day everyone! It is the last Wednesday of the month, and I am so amazed that we are already at the end of January. It already feels like 2020 is flying by. That said, here are my favorites this week:

  • Graphic Novels:

I started my journey by watching Ariel Bissett’s YouTube channel. In one of her book haul videos, she mentioned that she picked up Bloom by Kevin Panetta. When she talked about the story, I loved it and knew that I had to get that.

I picked it up after finishing the After series. And, I read it within one day. I heard from a few Booktubers about Heartstopper and Laura Dean keeps on Breaking Up With Me. So, I bought both of them on Amazon and am so excited read a few more. And, even if you don’t like graphic novels, I highly recommend that you check out Bloom, as the story is so amazing.

  • Essential Oil Rollers:

My local Pier One is closing, and so I went there to find a few things for my house. They really didn’t have anything for my price range or style. However, they did have these awesome rollers. I picked up a sleep one, and one for energy. I’ve used it a few times, and I already am in love with using them. I go back and forth with using essential oils — I have a diffuser that I sometimes use. However, I love having a roller and I love how it affects my mood ever so slightly.

  • Target Room Spray: 

Having a dog can sometimes be smelly. One day while wandering around the aisles at Target looking for a salt lamp, I found this lavender and eucalyptus room spray for ten dollars. So far, I’ve been using it for a lot of different reasons. And, I love it. I love how my rooms in my house smell as well, and I highly recommend that you pick it up.

  • Little Words Project Badass Bracelet: 

I saw these bracelets while wandering around Nordstrom. I had a Nordy note, and so I decided to purchase this bracelet to remind myself I am a badass. I’ve worn it a few times, and it’s definitely has empowered me. I love this bracelet so much because it’s perfect for layering with my SV Decker Beaded Bracelets, and I can wear it alone.

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