2022 Reading Wrap Up

With two days left in the new year, it’s safe to say that I am likely going to hit my Goodreads goal of reading 100 books, since I only have one book to finish between now and Saturday. That said, I wanted to take the time to look over the past year of reading. InContinue reading “2022 Reading Wrap Up”

Are Women Really the Ones To Blame?

While watching the Harry and Meghan documentary a few weeks ago, Meghan Markle brought up a point that was very thought provoking in my mind — that when a man starts seeing a woman — and nonetheless stops seeing the guy as much, the woman is seen as someone who took the guy away fromContinue reading “Are Women Really the Ones To Blame?”

Merry Christmas! Here Is My Favorite Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas to all! In honor of it being Christmas Day, I wanted to share my Christmas Spotify Playlist that is filled with all of my favorite songs. Some of them are classics, and I just honestly can’t get enough of the Celine Dion Christmas album. . . I hope everyone has a wonderful ChristmasContinue reading “Merry Christmas! Here Is My Favorite Christmas Playlist”

Trader Joe’s Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

Merry Christmas all! Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to get snacks, and this year, I did not feel like baking Christmas cookies this year. So, I decided to create this board instead. I also would like to thank my future mother in law for the design assistance. There are so many differentContinue reading “Trader Joe’s Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas”

Designer Bags to Purchase Vintage and Save

It is no secret that the luxury market has become more and more inflated. Prices at Louis Vuitton and Chanel have skyrocketed, making them more and more not worth the price. However, one of my favorite ways to get the “look for less” is through designer consignment. Over the past year, I’ve purchased so manyContinue reading “Designer Bags to Purchase Vintage and Save”

Friday Faves: December 23, 2022

Happy Friday before Christmas, everyone! As we frantically get ready for the holiday, I wanted to share some of my favorites of the week. So, be sure to keep reading to learn more. All I Want For Christmas By Maggie Knox: This is one of my favorite reads of the holiday season to date. Basically,Continue reading “Friday Faves: December 23, 2022”

Downtown Milford Is Lit Up For The Holidays

The Christmas spirit has arrived at the Milford Green with beautifully lit trees, sparkling icles, and snowmen lining Broad Street greeting cars as they drive on by. Seeing the Milford Green lit up this time of year has been a tradition of mine every year, and it holds even more special meaning to me, becauseContinue reading “Downtown Milford Is Lit Up For The Holidays”

Stamford Holiday Stroll Is A Festive Event For All

Ornaments, gingerbread houses, and sparkling lights are covering Mill River Park in Stamford this holiday season thanks to Stamford’s Holiday Stroll. The stroll is a interactive and a beautiful way to get into the Christmas spirit for all ages. The Holiday Stroll goes from November 18 to December 24. Tickets can be purchased at theContinue reading “Stamford Holiday Stroll Is A Festive Event For All”

Why I’m Taking a Trip to the Emerald City This Holiday Season

I am going to be honest, I was never much for the color green. However, this season, I found myself drawn to forest/emerald colors to the point where I added a new sweater and sweatshirt from Aerie to my collection. What is great about this deep forest green is that it can be worn withContinue reading “Why I’m Taking a Trip to the Emerald City This Holiday Season”