Are Women Really the Ones To Blame?

While watching the Harry and Meghan documentary a few weeks ago, Meghan Markle brought up a point that was very thought provoking in my mind — that when a man starts seeing a woman — and nonetheless stops seeing the guy as much, the woman is seen as someone who took the guy away from them.

I 100 percent agree with this. In fact, the same can be said about women. I’ve been in a relationship since 2017 (and have friends that are either married/or in serious committed relationships), and have noticed that same thing with myself or friends so it’s not just something that it’s related to men alone.

I feel that when someone says something along the lines is one of a few things. The first is that they are jealous of that new person’s relationship. The second is that they could be threatened in the sense that they don’t know their place in that person’s life. The third, is that they just are afraid of change.

That said, I don’t agree with the thought that since he/she started dating so and so, they’ve essentially taken this person away. First and foremost, that person has the choice. I always have agreed with the saying that if they wanted to, they would. Meaning that if they want to make plans, they would make the efforts to do so. While friends have to share the the spotlight, they should still have their time to shine. Stemming off of that, I also think that if a partner is actually telling you not to see someone, but then again, that’s its own issue.

Additionally, I would like to bring up the point that things do change during the course of life. For example, when you’re single and in your high school/college years, chances are you have the most free time to spend with your friends. And, many of those friends happen to be right there. As we get older, responsibilities do change. I have lived with my fiancé since 2020, and of course, we’re saddled with the whole planning a wedding thing that is super time consuming. During high school and college, those things are far away from thought. And of course, as adults we all pretty much work full time that consumes a lot of our energy.

In Harry and Meghan’s case, it was because when all of the stuff that happened with them and the Royal Family, Harry stood up to them, which is something that they didn’t care for. However, this is an argument and statement that has existed for many years, and will continue to.

Honestly, that is something that is not on the couple, rather than the person who is making the statement. Therefore, to answer my question, women are not the ones to blame for taking a friend from the group away. It’s just a matter of a changing dynamic.

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