A Reflection of 2016

Let me be the first to tell you that 2016 was the year a lot of legendary stars passed away-from Carrie Fisher, Prince, David Bowie and George Michael. It was a year full of tragedy, and change in the world, a year that we learned the importance of coming together, rather than coming apart. Personally,Continue reading “A Reflection of 2016”

I Am Not Fragile

There is something that I want every single person out there who is reading this to know about my anxiety and about me: it does not make me fragile. Anxiety causes me to be a bit more sensitive than a person who does not deal with anxiety symptoms, and the smallest of things can oftenContinue reading “I Am Not Fragile”

Milk and Honey Lives Up To The Hype

Out of the 64¬†books that I have read this year, there is one book in particular I will definitely read again. That book is “Milk and Honey”by Rupi Kaur. I had wanted to read this book for a while now-it had been very highly recommended by a several different friends, and after receiving a giftContinue reading “Milk and Honey Lives Up To The Hype”

Conscious Uncoupling: A Break Up Must Read

Disclaimer: I’ve recieved this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Let’s face it: break ups are not fun. It is safe to say that we all can come to that consensus. I always say that the only way to truly know someone is to break up with them, as the way that theyContinue reading “Conscious Uncoupling: A Break Up Must Read”

Why We Need to Change Our Perception Of Mental Illness

Nearly 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and over suffer from a mental illness each year, according to the Kim Foundation. This translates into about a quarter of the American population who deal with the crippling effects of mental illness on a daily basis. These illnesses have a wide range, from anxiety, PTSD, depression andContinue reading “Why We Need to Change Our Perception Of Mental Illness”

6 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

Being a significant other to someone with an anxiety, or any kind of mental illness for that matter, can be a daunting thing, especially if you have no experiences with the disorder. Anxiety can cause many different problems, especially in your point of view, you do not understand why your partner is freaking out aboutContinue reading “6 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety”