Heartbeats by Sarah Cantafio is the Ultimate Love Letter

Back when I worked in the Town Clerk’s office, there was a couple that came in to apply for their marriage license. This was a normal occurrence — especially in the spring and summer time when wedding season is hot and heavy in Connecticut. What made this couple so unique was the bride. She wasContinue reading “Heartbeats by Sarah Cantafio is the Ultimate Love Letter”

It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single

“Why are you still single?” Oh, how I hate that question. It goes along with being told “one day you’ll find someone.” I have to bite my tongue to avoid saying “shut the hell up.” I’m glad to know your only accomplishment in life is just being in a relationship. That’s great, but I haveContinue reading “It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single”

Didn’t John Lennon Say Give Peace A Chance?

Inspired by John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” Everyone seems to be talking about someone. Donald Trump insulting the someone new everyday, Hillary Clinton and her emails, Kim Kardashian, as she tries to maintain her fame, or Caitlyn Jenner. I wonder why we can’t give peace a chance.   People seem to seem to beContinue reading “Didn’t John Lennon Say Give Peace A Chance?”

Milk and Honey Lives Up To The Hype

Out of the 64 books that I have read this year, there is one book in particular I will definitely read again. That book is “Milk and Honey”by Rupi Kaur. I had wanted to read this book for a while now-it had been very highly recommended by a several different friends, and after receiving a giftContinue reading “Milk and Honey Lives Up To The Hype”