It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single

“Why are you still single?” Oh, how I hate that question. It goes along with being told “one day you’ll find someone.” I have to bite my tongue to avoid saying “shut the hell up.” I’m glad to know your only accomplishment in life is just being in a relationship. That’s great, but I haveContinue reading “It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single”

Honest Thoughts About Dating

Let me be bluntly honest by stating that I freaking hate dating. I hate the awkwardness of first dates, the whole DTR (defining the relationship) concept and the rules about what is okay to do at what given stage. I find it both crazy and confusing, and I graduated college with a 3.0 GPA, so I amContinue reading “Honest Thoughts About Dating”

A Single Girl’s Input on National Boyfriend Day

Yesterday was National Boyfriend Day, and suddenly, my timeline was filled with pictures of cute couples, all accompanied by a paragraph explaining why they are so lucky to have their boyfriend in their lives. As a single girl, one would think that I would want to stay off Instagram or be salty about the factContinue reading “A Single Girl’s Input on National Boyfriend Day”