A Single Girl’s Input on National Boyfriend Day

Yesterday was National Boyfriend Day, and suddenly, my timeline was filled with pictures of cute couples, all accompanied by a paragraph explaining why they are so lucky to have their boyfriend in their lives.

As a single girl, one would think that I would want to stay off Instagram or be salty about the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend to post a selfie of. However, that couldn’t be further from the case, as I am happy for my friends who have found that special person that makes them happy, because they deserve to be happy with a great person.

In fact, I believe that having someone that makes you happy, supports you and is someone that makes you a priority is something that should be celebrated, and appreciated. I hate that we live in a society where people in relationships fear that sharing it can be overkill or too much. People in relationships shouldn’t have to feel that way just because they worry that they will become that person. Instead, they should be more focused on sharing that something good that they have found.

And as for us single girls, I think that instead of looking at this day (or even Valentine’s Day for that matter) as something that is excluding us who don’t have a boyfriend, we should instead focus on the fact that we will eventually find someone. We just haven’t found that boyfriend that makes us feel the things that our friends have yet. And, that’s perfectly okay. We’ll get there eventually, so there’s no reason for us to hate on those who already got there.

But, before I forget: happy National Boyfriend Day to the boyfriends out there who are not only are supportive of their girlfriends, but are the reason why this day even exists. You guys are awesome, and deserve to be celebrated. In fact, I hope to find someone with your qualities out there for my own boyfriend.

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