Are We There Yet? Pressure and Relationships

I am 25 years old and I have been blogging about relationships for ten years. So if you do the math, I have been blogging about relationships since I was in the high school hallways. Now, many of those who were in those hallways with me are either engaged, married, or have kids. Or, someContinue reading “Are We There Yet? Pressure and Relationships”

Grief and Relationships

Tomorrow is my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. By far, this is the longest relationship that I’ve ever been in, which is not really a cause for a celebration. The honeymoon phase is long-gone, and my boyfriend and I have settled in a pattern that is comfortable and never boring. However, since my mom died,Continue reading “Grief and Relationships”

Relationships Are A Two-Way Street, Folks

One thing that continually bothers me is seeing a girl essentially lower herself for a guy who essentially does not care about her, or does not put in the same amount of effort that she does. I get it. It’s not 1950 anymore. Women are more and more taking the reign of the relationship, whetherContinue reading “Relationships Are A Two-Way Street, Folks”

Self Care and Significant Others

One of the most important things that we humans can do for ourselves is self care. And, we live in a society where self care is absolutely necessary. Between the added technology, lines blur. With that, you are expected to have that mentality that you are constantly available — whether that means that you areContinue reading “Self Care and Significant Others”

What Does It Mean To Be In A Healthy Relationship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship that we share with significant others and how much we have invested in them. You know, how much time we spend with them, and what makes a relationship healthy. I am no expert here, but I do have some opinions about the issue. Personally, I think thatContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Be In A Healthy Relationship?”

The Comparison Game

Have you ever had this happen? You’ll be scrolling on your newsfeed, and all of a sudden, you’re staring at a friend’s picture or post with envy. Now, it can be anything. They can be posting about getting engaged. Or, they can be posting about the awesome new opportunity they have. And, as you’re clickingContinue reading “The Comparison Game”

Looking for a Valentine? This Could Be Why You’re Still Single.

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, and the hunt is on to find your valentine. However, some people may be wondering why it’s difficult for them to find love. But, let me say this. I fully believe that one doesn’t need to have a significant other to be happy. In fact, there’s aContinue reading “Looking for a Valentine? This Could Be Why You’re Still Single.”

It’s Takes Two To Tango

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the specific role that one plays in the relationship. What are the roles that I speak of? Well, you know. Those old fashioned ones, such as the man is the one that drives and pays. Those are the ones that existed over fifty years ago. And, yes. As a woman,Continue reading “It’s Takes Two To Tango”

Whose Right and Whose Wrong?

Have you ever heard someone said that in a relationship, the woman always wins because she is always right — no matter what? I’ve been hearing that an awful lot lately, and to be honest, I don’t agree with that. Why? Because I’m a woman. And, I’ve been wrong on more than one occasion. And,Continue reading “Whose Right and Whose Wrong?”