Talking About Grief and Holidays

Christmas time is here. While this is the most joyful time of year for many, for people who have suffered a loss of any kind, this is the time of year that hurts the most. Sure, holiday drinks and the joyful traditions that come with the holiday surely help. However, there will always be aContinue reading “Talking About Grief and Holidays”

Blogmas Day 14: A Brief Discussion of Grief

This post is going to be a little more like a rant, but I feel like this is something that needs to be talked about more. I am going to be a 100 percent real with you all. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately. Since it’s the first holiday season since my mom passed away,Continue reading “Blogmas Day 14: A Brief Discussion of Grief”

Grief and Relationships

Tomorrow is my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. By far, this is the longest relationship that I’ve ever been in, which is not really a cause for a celebration. The honeymoon phase is long-gone, and my boyfriend and I have settled in a pattern that is comfortable and never boring. However, since my mom died,Continue reading “Grief and Relationships”