Blogmas Day 23: A Little Message About Holidays and Significant Others

“Where’s Eric?”  “Why couldn’t Eric make it?”  “Does Eric not like us?” Those are just a few of the many things that I have been asked about during holiday family gatherings during the two years that I’ve been dating my boyfriend. To be honest, I feel as though that’s something that we honestly don’t talkContinue reading “Blogmas Day 23: A Little Message About Holidays and Significant Others”

Blogmas Day 21: Best Purchases of 2019

The fact that we are nearing the end of the decade is still so shocking to me. 2019 was a weird year for me personally, and probably one of the worst of my life. With that being said, I wanted to take a moment to focus on the positive of the year. That is, someContinue reading “Blogmas Day 21: Best Purchases of 2019”

Blogmas Day 18: What I Love Wednesday December 18

We are only one week before Christmas. Yup. Let that sink in. I know. I can’t believe it myself. With that being said, there is so much to do, yet so little time to do it all. However, here are some things that I am loving this week: That 70’s Show:  This used to beContinue reading “Blogmas Day 18: What I Love Wednesday December 18”

Blogmas Day 17: Boyfriend Gift Guide

We are almost a week before Christmas, and many of us out there are scrambling to get those last minute holiday gifts. Last week, I did a Girlfriend Gift Guide. This week, I am going to do a boyfriend gift guide. For me, buying gifts for my boyfriend is the hardest thing because I’ve neverContinue reading “Blogmas Day 17: Boyfriend Gift Guide”

Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Wishes To My Mother In Heaven

Yesterday, I went to see my mother at her grave to bring her a Christmas plant. I think I cried during the entire visit, because it really hit me that she was gone. One of the things that I love about the blog is that I can use it as a platform to talk aboutContinue reading “Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Wishes To My Mother In Heaven”

Blogmas Day 15: What’s In My Bag: Weekend Edition

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday before the week. Today’s post will talk about what’s in my bag during the weekend. During the weekend, I often don’t use a big purse because there’s honestly no need to. I just need my keys, phone, and chapstick. Lately, I’ve been carrying handContinue reading “Blogmas Day 15: What’s In My Bag: Weekend Edition”

Blogmas Day 14: A Brief Discussion of Grief

This post is going to be a little more like a rant, but I feel like this is something that needs to be talked about more. I am going to be a 100 percent real with you all. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately. Since it’s the first holiday season since my mom passed away,Continue reading “Blogmas Day 14: A Brief Discussion of Grief”

Blogmas Day 12: Girlfriend Gift Guide

I hate to break it to you. Christmas is less than two weeks away. For people like me, this is no sweat because my holiday shopping is mostly done. However, I know there few quite a few procrastinators that are out there — many of which procrastinate for the very reason that they don’t knowContinue reading “Blogmas Day 12: Girlfriend Gift Guide”

Blogmas Day 11: What I Love Wednesday December 11

There are only two weeks until Christmas. I am going to let that sink in for a moment. Anyways, take a break from holiday shopping and check out this week’s faves: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:  Lately I have binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m just finishing season one now, and I’m about to startContinue reading “Blogmas Day 11: What I Love Wednesday December 11”

Blogmas Day 9: Holiday Date Ideas

Christmastime is one of the easiest times of year for dates because there is so much going on, which makes it easier to come up with awesome date ideas. However, if you’re looking for some ideas, have no fear. Here are some great ideas that wouldn’t even break the bank: Walk around a downtown areaContinue reading “Blogmas Day 9: Holiday Date Ideas”