Blogmas Day 12: Girlfriend Gift Guide


I hate to break it to you. Christmas is less than two weeks away. For people like me, this is no sweat because my holiday shopping is mostly done. However, I know there few quite a few procrastinators that are out there — many of which procrastinate for the very reason that they don’t know what to get the person on their list.

Enter in my gift guide.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing my gift guides for everyone on your list — siblings, significant others, pets, friends, and parents. First up, is for the special lady on your list. For argument’s sake, this is meant for all of the guys out there who are scratching their heads on what to get their gals for the holiday. So, here’s a no-fail list of what to get here. If you get her one of these, you are golden.

  • Jewelry: 

You can never go wrong with jewelry. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are ones that were given to me by my boyfriend. A few great ideas include: Mantraband Bracelets (they have so many cute sayings about love), a Moonglow Necklace (because how cute would it be to have a pendant with a moon with your anniversary, and of course, the classic heart.

  • Fuzzy Socks:

Honestly, having some fuzzy socks are the best thing ever. Living in New England, these are coveted. Therefore, these are great gifts if you live somewhere that is always cold.

  • Instax Camera:

The Instax camera is such a great idea. I love having one because I can have a physical memory. They are fun to bring everywhere, and they make a great way for your girl to have a physical photo of you to carry around.

  • Framed Picture of the Two of You:

This is such a simple yet a thoughtful idea. All you need to do is print a photo and frame it. And, it’s such a meaningful gift.

  • Lotions/Perfume:

Pretty much anything from Bath and Body Works is always a good idea.

  • Candles/Essential Oils:

Candles are such a great way to set the mood. Bath and Body Works has some great ones, as well as the classic, Yankee Candle.

However, if your girlfriend has a puppy like me, chances are it will be hard for her to burn candles. This is why I’ve been loving and recommending essential oils. What’s awesome about them is that they can help calm you down when you need to get ready for bed or feel anxious, or energize you if you’re feeling low on energy. And, if you’re planning to get essential oils, why not also get a diffuser? They are relatively inexpensive, and they are well used.

  • Snacks/Treats:

You can’t go wrong with some snacks or some treats. Whether it’s chocolate covered pretzels, her favorite coffee, or even a mug cake making kit, you’re golden with whatever you choose. Just don’t expect her to share.

  • Giftcards: 

The best way to show that you’ve been paying attention? Get her a gift card to her favorite coffee shop! Or places to get food. Or get yarn. Whatever your girl is into, chances are that she will love a giftcard and the thought behind it.


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