#Ilovemyself Is Trending On Twitter and It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

This morning, I logged into Twitter to see the hashtag #ilovemyself trending. And, I couldn’t help but get so excited over it. And seeing some of this tweets are amazing, you all. If you haven’t, be sure to search it on Twitter. In my opinion, self love is something that is completely and utterly underrated.Continue reading “#Ilovemyself Is Trending On Twitter and It’s The Greatest Thing Ever”

Why I Think We Post Too Much

As a journalist, I use social media to live tweet events and share links to my articles. As a millennial, I use social media to update everyone who may care about the daily events in my life — something cute that my dog did, if I’m going out with a friend and doing something fun,Continue reading “Why I Think We Post Too Much”

Ladies, Get Off Your High Heels

It’s 2017, yet there are so many old fashioned notions about dating that existed when my grandfather was courting my grandfather —  in the ‘50s. Don’t be the one who pursues a guy, that looks desperate. Let him pursue you. You shouldn’t kiss one a first date. The guy should be the one paying. Actually,Continue reading “Ladies, Get Off Your High Heels”

The Evolution of My Opinions of Carrie Bradshaw

I feel like I owe Carrie Bradshaw a thank you note. She is one of my inspirations that got me into blogging over seven years ago, where I would question the high school dating scene by contemplating nearly everything that happened to me. Back then, I would write about whether or not someone actually likedContinue reading “The Evolution of My Opinions of Carrie Bradshaw”