#Ilovemyself Is Trending On Twitter and It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

This morning, I logged into Twitter to see the hashtag #ilovemyself trending. And, I couldn’t help but get so excited over it. And seeing some of this tweets are amazing, you all. If you haven’t, be sure to search it on Twitter.

In my opinion, self love is something that is completely and utterly underrated. We simply don’t love ourselves enough.  On a daily basis, you hear people cut into themselves — and sometimes others — simply because they are insecure with themselves. Their insecurities could stem for a number of reasons — from someone not liking the way that they look to their weight. Whatever the reason is, there is certainly not enough self love going around, and I’m tired of it.

We need to learn how to love ourselves. We need to learn to fall head over heels in love with ourselves, because we should. Each and every one of us is a unique and awesome being. Each and every one of us is someone who shares joy and passion about something, whether it’s music, literature, movies or art. We are all beautiful.

And therefore, each and every person on Twitter should send a tweet to proclaim their love for themselves. They truly deserve it.

With that being said, I am going to share with you the reasons why #ilovemyself.

#Ilovemyself because I am a strong person who can see the light in any kind of darkness.

#Ilovemyself because I am not afraid to assert myself to get my message across and my needs met.

#Ilovemyself because I continue to advocate for change, and promote awareness for anxiety, as well as women’s rights and mental health awareness.

#Ilovemyself because I am a beautiful being, who continues to grow every single day.

And lastly, #Ilovemyself, because I learned that I am wonderful person who deserves to be loved. As the Smiths sing “I am human and I deserve to be loved, just like everyone else does.”

So do you.

Today, tweet about why you love yourself. Because you should shout from the world the reasons why you need to be loved.


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