Takeaways From Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Today is the final day in April. In addition, it’s also the final day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). However, I would like to point out that everyday, we should work to promote and educate about consent and assault/rape. Now, we all can agree about the meaning of no, right? It means stop. ItContinue reading “Takeaways From Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

Living For Loving (Yourself)

It’s safe to say everyone out there at one point or another often lacks confidence. It can be the teenager who lacks self image due to bullies in the high school hallways. It can be the result of a diet of magazines and feeling like one is not enough. Or, finally, it could be theContinue reading “Living For Loving (Yourself)”

The Power of No

No is a two letter word, but it is one that has a mighty impact. No means stop. No means I don’t want to. But, most importantly, no means no. One of the take home messages of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)  is exactly that. According to a PDF on their website entitled Everyday Consent,Continue reading “The Power of No”

The Take Home Message for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month(SAMM), which is a month designated to help raise awareness and educate about rape and sexual assault awareness. This month’s campaign theme is “embrace your voice.” According to the Embrace Your Voice Sheet on the SAAM website, this focuses on “how you talk about sexual violence,” because “the things youContinue reading “The Take Home Message for Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

Why Everyone Should Read Lauren Graham’s New Book

I am a huge fan of Lauren Graham. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls over a thousand times, and am gradually getting through Parenthood (I am terrible at watching television shows). But, what I also love about Lauren Graham is her books. When it comes to celebrities writing books, there are some of them that just aren’t thatContinue reading “Why Everyone Should Read Lauren Graham’s New Book”