It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single

“Why are you still single?” Oh, how I hate that question. It goes along with being told “one day you’ll find someone.” I have to bite my tongue to avoid saying “shut the hell up.” I’m glad to know your only accomplishment in life is just being in a relationship. That’s great, but I haveContinue reading “It’s Not THAT Bad To Be Single”

A Response To A Huffington Post Article

Recently, I’ve read this article on the Huffington Post about how marriage is celebrated as being a bigger accomplishment than doing something such as a college graduation or another professional kind of accomplishment. After reading this article, I had given it great thought, as I agreed strongly with the writer’s point of view. Last summer, I metContinue reading “A Response To A Huffington Post Article”

Single By Choice?

Six months ago, I would classify being single as being a curse. I wanted a relationship, a boyfriend, a partner. However, six months and a failed relationship later, I now look at my single status as being a blessing, as now I’m taking the time to be alone and better the relationship with myself. LongContinue reading “Single By Choice?”