The Comparison Game

Have you ever had this happen? You’ll be scrolling on your newsfeed, and all of a sudden, you’re staring at a friend’s picture or post with envy. Now, it can be anything. They can be posting about getting engaged. Or, they can be posting about the awesome new opportunity they have. And, as you’re clicking the like button, you can not help but wonder: why not me?

If this hasn’t happened to you, then you are clearly lying. After all, social media does this to just about everyone.

With that being said, why do we do this? We could be happy in our life, until we see someone else. Or, we can be hanging out with a friend, and hear about their relationship, only to wonder if our own is in trouble because we are not doing that one thing like them.

However, this is something that we need to stop — or at least work on in 2019. According to an article on Psychology Today entitled 3 Reasons to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, comparing ourselves to others is dangerous for a number of reasons — the big one being that it’s all an illusion.

I mean let’s get real for a moment. Do we ever post the negative things on Facebook? Someone may post about getting a new job. But, do we post about the many rejections that we received? Or, do we post about the time that we lost our job? Maybe not.

Sometimes, I think social media is a blessing and a curse.

Everyone has their own journey and life, and their own path to follow. Sure, it’s human nature to be jealous of awesome things that others have. But, that doesn’t mean to forget the awesome things that are in our lives right now.

Furthermore, let me add this — everyone is different. For instance, what might feel right for one friend’s relationship isn’t right for you. One friend might get engaged after only knowing her partner for a few months. Another will be a few years. Timing is a weird thing, and truly, it’s different for everyone.

Therefore, I have a resolution for all of you readers if you are caught red handed doing this. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, whether that may be a relationship, an awesome job or even a vacation, take a moment to write a list of all that you are blessed with. Trust me, if you are anything like me, it will be a long one. 

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