Downtown Milford Is Lit Up For The Holidays

The Christmas spirit has arrived at the Milford Green with beautifully lit trees, sparkling icles, and snowmen lining Broad Street greeting cars as they drive on by. Seeing the Milford Green lit up this time of year has been a tradition of mine every year, and it holds even more special meaning to me, because that’s where my fiancé proposed to me last year. Many of the decorations have remained the same, but it is still fun to take a walk around.

If you head away from the downtown area, there is a tree on the duck pond as well as one right behind City Hall. Those I unfortunately was not able to grab photos of, but I highly recommend checking them out while doing last minute shopping in the downtown area.

Finally, what was the most breathtaking was the buoy tree, which is behind Scoopy Doo’s on Lisman’s Landing. This is one of the newer traditions, but it’s still amazing to look at nonetheless.

Be sure to keep reading to see all of my photos of the beautifully lit decorations, however, I highly recommend taking the drive to look at them yourself, because the photos do not do it justice:

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