Can We Not Feel Guilty About Self-Caring?

It is quite too common for me to get a text from family or friends asking to hang out during the weekend. Usually, it’s in the middle of a busy week – whether from work or other commitments – and a weekend filled with Netflix while working on a crocheting project is pretty much theContinue reading “Can We Not Feel Guilty About Self-Caring?”

5 Things I Do To Practice Self-Love

Self-love is something that I think that we all need to work on. With all that’s going on, it is more important to practice self-care and self-love than ever before. That said, it’s important to practice self-love all of the time, not just during a pandemic. I hope that during this time, that we takeContinue reading “5 Things I Do To Practice Self-Love”

Productivity and Quarantine: Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Get Everything Done During This Crazy Time

When I first heard that I was going to be stationed at home due to quarantine, my first thoughts were how much I was able to get done during this time (in between working of course). This would be the time that I would get to finally read all of the books that I’ve beenContinue reading “Productivity and Quarantine: Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Get Everything Done During This Crazy Time”

Things I’m Doing For My Mental Health Right Now

This is a trying time for many. For some of us, we are working from home for the first time in our lives. Some of us are experiencing the anxiety of not getting paid — whether it may mean that it’s a reduction in hours or not getting a paycheck whatsoever. And, of course, thereContinue reading “Things I’m Doing For My Mental Health Right Now”

Wanna Start Bullet Journaling? Here’s Some Ideas To Get Started!

I am new to the whole bullet journaling concept, but so far I’ve been really loving it. It has been helping me stay on top of my goals, and helping me stay organized. Now, what is a bullet journal? According to Wikipedia, the definition of a bullet journal is a method of personal organization developedContinue reading “Wanna Start Bullet Journaling? Here’s Some Ideas To Get Started!”

What I’ve Been Doing to Help My Mental Health

Ever since the holidays, I have been in a little bit of a funk. I think a huge part comes from the natural hustle and bustle of the holiday season – the cramming of family gatherings and trying to make sure you remember everything that you need to accomplish. However, the holiday season this yearContinue reading “What I’ve Been Doing to Help My Mental Health”

Ways That I Practice Self-Care

Happy Monday everyone! Since this is the start of a new week, I wanted to try to create a goal for to incorporate more self care in my daily life. Like everyone out there, it’s been something that I always want to include in my routine, but always put everything else first. Which is sad.Continue reading “Ways That I Practice Self-Care”

Let Your Money Work To Make You Happy

I shouldn’t buy this, I should save. I always wanted this, and I have the money, but I still shouldn’t. I feel so guilty buying this. How many of you reading this have thought those exact same thoughts – or something similar when buying something or considering doing so? I know I have. Being aContinue reading “Let Your Money Work To Make You Happy”