5 Things I Do To Practice Self-Love

5 Things I Do To Practice Self Love

Self-love is something that I think that we all need to work on. With all that’s going on, it is more important to practice self-care and self-love than ever before. That said, it’s important to practice self-love all of the time, not just during a pandemic. I hope that during this time, that we take time to work on ourselves and grow towards self acceptance.

That said, these are some ways I myself practice self-love. It is different for everyone, so I am curious to see how you show yourself some love. So, here’s some ways I practice self-love:

  1. Make Time For Things That You Love:

I love reading. I love crafting. Whenever I do those things, I honestly feel so relaxed. I don’t get to craft as much as I used to, but whenever I do, I feel super proud of myself for making this incredible thing. The same thing goes for whenever I’m reading a good book.

For me, those are things that I enjoy and I make time to do them because they are worth it for me to do so. For others, it’s different. Some people like to draw. Others like to bake. Whatever it is, make time to do it. I personally think that it’s important for any form of self care, because it makes you happy to do these activities.

2. Take Care of Yourself:

Drink water. Workout. Do yoga. Eat veggies. It is so important to take care of your body. I workout almost everyday thanks to Lucy. It is so important to do these things for yourself, because it is a complete and total game changer.

For instance, I feel awesome about myself after I workout for many reasons, and since I work out in the morning, it sets me up for a great day. I also love working out on days that are hard for me. During the entire holiday season, I made sure that I made time to workout so I can have that good feeling. It honestly helped me get through it.

That said, I think it’s important for everyone to do a workout that is right for them. For me, I like to have a workout that is different every other day. For others, it’s yoga, or spinning or whatever. Just do something that is both healthy and makes you happy.

3. Incorporate Rose Quartz: 

Rose quartz is one of my favorite gemstones for two reasons. One is because I really like the color. The other is because of the meaning. Rose quartz is the gemstone of love and healing. According to Crystal Vaults, it “speaks directly to the heart chakra,” and “carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.”

I wear rose quartz to not only for self love, but to remind myself I can take the time for healing. In addition to having rose quartz jewelry from Lucent Lemon and SV Decker, I also have a rose quartz roller that I use when I need some extra TLC — something that I highly recommend.

4. Listen To Yourself: 

I think that this is the most important one. I am the type of person who tries to push whenever I am feeling tired or down to still get all of the things done. And, that’s not okay. I think that on those days when you feel sad — for me, it’s honestly because of grief — you need to acknowledge that those feelings are there and share them. Personally, I write in my journal about it and once I am done, it is so freeing.

The worst things that anyone can do is ignore those feelings, because it escalates. Don’t do that. Listen to yourself. Vent to your friends. Talk to a therapist. And, it’s okay to listen to yourself and do what’s best for you in the moment. After all, we are only human.

5. Wear Stuff That Makes You Feel Good: 

This last one is probably one that applies to now. Many of us are working at home, and this changes the game. I have been living in leggings and sweatpants since this started and have enjoyed every minute of it.

That said, one thing that I found to be a game changer is wearing stuff that makes you feel good. For me, it’s leggings. But, it’s different for everyone.

I know that many of us are pretty much homebound at this point. However, when you wear stuff that makes you feel good, it helps you feel good about yourself. So if you’re able to, wear the sweatpants. Or, get dressed up. Do what’s right for you. Whatever the case may be, it’s something is meant to make you feel good.

So, how do you show yourself some love? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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