Self Care Tips for the Busiest Person

If you didn’t know this already, September is Self Care Awareness Month. And, I can not stress this enough. Self care is important.  And, okay. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have time to self care. Some of you reading this are in college and are juggling classes and part time jobs. Others areContinue reading “Self Care Tips for the Busiest Person”

Learning to Be Nice To Yourself

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you just can’t get anything right? You know, when you’re struggling just to get something down pat, only to fail. And father than allow yourself the mistake, you beat yourself up for it? You’re not alone, here. I do it too. With thatContinue reading “Learning to Be Nice To Yourself”

Why It’s Okay to Unfollow Someone

It’s safe to say that I practically grew up with social media. In middle school, I would stand in front of a mirror (or with a friend) and throw up a duck face. #classy I then would edit the picture using Picnic, throw up a cheesy quote, and then dedicate an entire Facebook album to thoseContinue reading “Why It’s Okay to Unfollow Someone”

Why Are We Thinking So Much?

One of the things that I can win an Olympic gold medal for, if it ever were to become a sport in the games, would be overthinking. Sometimes, it’s amazing how easy I can fall into the rabbit hole of thoughts. However, what’s even more unremarkable, is how difficult it is to slip out ofContinue reading “Why Are We Thinking So Much?”

The Importance Of Being Your Own Advocate

One of the hardest things for me is to speak up for myself. Meaning that, whenever I am faced with a conflict, I always find it hard to say that I am in fact not okay with the current situation, and instead just go with the flow. This happens so many times to me, leadingContinue reading “The Importance Of Being Your Own Advocate”

Give Yourself A Break: The Importance Of Self Care

Hi there, readers. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been really writing here lately. Why? Well, it’s been a busy month, and suffice to say, whenever I did have the time to write a post, I would often choose watching tv. Whoops. It’s safe to say I needed a break. I need time to selfContinue reading “Give Yourself A Break: The Importance Of Self Care”

Understanding the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health

Until recently, I never quite understood the marriage between physical and mental health. That is, until I decided to up my health and fitness game — I decided to eat a little healthier, cut out down my coffee drinks, and exercised a bit more to make sure I reached my step goal on my Fitbit.Continue reading “Understanding the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health”