Friday Faves: August 12, 2022

TGIF everyone! I am so excited that it is Friday. I have an exciting new beginning that I am not comfortable with sharing on the blog, but am asking for the best vibes. I have so many different favorites to share — some random, others not so much. So, without further a due, here are this week’s favorites.

Angel Number Necklace: I have been seeing the times 11:11 or 1:11 a lot. So, my angel number is 111. According to iPublishing, the angel number 111 means new beginnings or a fresh start. I couldn’t think of anything better for me to use in this stage of my life. I have the silver version, but they also have other metal colors on their website.

Selenite Bowl: This has been on my wishlist for a while, and after looking for some of my crystal bracelets, I learned that some of them have broken during the move. So I got this to make sure that my bracelets (some of them purchased during my trip to San Diego) stay safe. Selenite is also known to cleanse them, which makes this a perfect way to store my jewelry.

Amazonite Bracelet: This bracelet has become one of my new favorites as well. I love the color, which is why I bought it. However, I also loved the meaning, which is to soothe tense situations, and to bring clarity.

Bubly Seltzer: I have been obsessed with drinking cherry seltzer from Bubly. I have the Soda Stream, but this is so much easier. I have not been drinking as much as I should. and this helps me stay hydrated.

Hamsa Necklace from the Ruby Tree: This is not online, but I purchased this necklace from the Ruby Tree during my trip to the sunflower farm last week, and I am obsessed. I have been layering it with my angel number piece, and I am loving the combo.

The Game Show Network: I have been binge watching America Says and Family Feud with my fiancĂ© and his family, and it’s just really addicting. That’s all.

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