My Top Amazon Jewelry Picks

We all know that I am a jewelry girl. For years, I’ve watched influencers such as Moriah Robinson purchase jewelry from Amazon. However, I was scarred for life from the early days of Amazon when many of the pieces weren’t as great of a quality as they are now. Recently, I started purchasing some piecesContinue reading “My Top Amazon Jewelry Picks”

August Amazon Favorites

Okay, can you believe that it is August already? August is definitely the saddest month in my opinion, because it means that summer is drawing to a close. I am a summer person through and through. That said, this month I have been doing a lot of Amazon shopping. Some of it was because aContinue reading “August Amazon Favorites”

Great Last Minute Gift Ideas For Anyone On Your List

Okay, so Christmas Eve is a week from tomorrow. COVID regulations set aside, we only have a few more shopping days before Christmas, and while it may be too late to have an item shipped out to your loved one, there are a few last minute gifts that you can either pick up in store,Continue reading “Great Last Minute Gift Ideas For Anyone On Your List”