August Amazon Favorites

Okay, can you believe that it is August already? August is definitely the saddest month in my opinion, because it means that summer is drawing to a close. I am a summer person through and through.

That said, this month I have been doing a lot of Amazon shopping. Some of it was because a shelf in my bathroom had fallen, and I needed to get a replacement. At that point, I decided to get a few new items to change around the decorations of it as well. I also purchased a new iPad Pro, and have purchased a new case and screen protector as well.

So, let’s talk all about my Amazon favorites:

Leopard Print Apple Watch Band: This was a lightning deal, and I impulse purchased this band without any hesitation. It came in on Sunday and I fell in love with it. It is a leather band (which is something that I really love), and goes with pretty much everything. The quality of the band is so great, and I am excited to wear it with many more outfits.

Leather Watch Band: I bought these last year at recommendation of Youtuber Catherine June, and I just started wearing these again. They are so affordable for leather watch bands, and they have really held up well. I have a few different colors, which is great to wear with different outfits.

Yoga Shorts: Yes, another Catherine June recommendation! I try not to purchase too many clothing items from Amazon, but these are an exception. They are $20, and are such good quality. I have the black pair and have been obsessed. They are great for working out in, or just to lounge around in. I have a feeling that I will be ordering a new pair of them soon.

Paper Screen Protectors: When I got my new iPad, I wanted to get a screen protector to protect the glass as I was using it to write with. I got these, and so far, I have been loving them. I use the iPad to write lists, and jot down notes, as well as coloring on Procreate. I have been enjoying these, and I highly recommend them if you’re using the Apple Pencil.

Mason Jars for Q-Tips: As I mentioned, I needed to revamp a section of my bathroom, and I decided to also grab these jars to organize my Q-Tips and my cotton balls. I love them already, and I have found it really helpful in staying organized in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Claw Clips: Amazon by far has the best deals on claw clips. I got these for 4 for $5. I have been using them for a few weeks now, and have been really loving them. I highly recommend checking out Amazon for all of your claw clip needs, because they are by far the most affordable, and they do hold up fairly well.

6 thoughts on “August Amazon Favorites

  1. Amazon is our go-to store. I want to take my husband’s privileges away though since everything he buys is from there. The mason jars are a cute way to store things in the bathroom.


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