The Book That Broke TikTok: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score


The novel Things We Never Got Over practically has taken over the internet. This novel is the first in the Knockmeout series, and tells the story of Naomi, a runaway bride who comes to the rescue of her twin sister, Tina, who is always in trouble. Naomi finds out that she has a niece that she was not aware of either. She meets bad-boy Knox, a bad-boy entrepreneur who owns several businesses in town. Knox is a pretty straightforward guy who stays away from drama like the plague. However, Naomi is causing him to rethink that. . .

I picked up this book solely because of all of the TikToks that I’ve watched on it. With the promise that the book was going to be addicting and something that lovers of Colleen Hoover would enjoy, I knew that I would enjoy this book as well.

Well, let’s just say I devoured this book in two days and could not put it down until it was complete. Of course, I was on vacation, so there’s that.

This book did in fact live up to the hype. I am going to be honest here — I went in with skeptics. In fact, for the first 100 pages, I was not sure if it was even worth the read. Let’s just be honest here — the book started out slow. However, after a while, the book began to pick it up to the point where I couldn’t put it down.

Now, this book was a long one. Over 500 pages in fact. However, like I said, once you get through that 100 pages, you’re going to be sucked right into it. That said, I wanted to add that so much happens in those pages. In fact, one may argue that there may be too much drama that happens. But, I am okay with that.

What we’re all here for is the romance. This is your standard enemies to lovers romance. Knox is annoyed by Naomi at the start of the novel. Not to give any spoilers here, but that ends by the conclusion of the novel. I loved watching this romance unfold. Naomi’s previous relationship was borderline abusive, and it was amazing to see how he defends her and changes her perspective of relationships. I also loved watching Naomi break down some of Knox’s walls in the effort to give him permission to love. The two suffer ups and downs, but it was amazing to read.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed reading the relationship between Naomi and her niece. At the beginning of the novel, the two are complete and total strangers due to the fact that Naomi doesn’t know that she exists. However, it was heart warming to see how the two misfits learn how to love each other.

So. Did it live up to the hype? Yes. Yes, it did. In fact, I give it five stars.

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