Friday Faves: July 29, 2022

TGIF! As a disclaimer, this Friday Faves is all about books and coffee. Not all, but quite a few of them are books, because I can’t stop reading. That said, I have quite a few faves that I am loving right now, and can’t wait to share.

Bridgerton Series: Guys, I get the hype. This series has been sitting on my TBR for the last year or so, and I am so glad that I finally picked it up now. It’s about the Bridgerton siblings, which is based on the famous Netflix show. I just completed the Viscount Who Loved Me, and I was so obsessed. I have been taking a break after every one, but I know I am going to breeze through the series.

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks: I read this book in one day. Which is a danger when it comes to Nicholas Sparks novels. This tells the story of Maggie, who is a dying photographer. It follows her summer romance, and it’s addicting. This is the perfect beach read.

Lisa Gozlan Evil Eye Bracelet: I am obsessed with my latest bracelet find, which is this evil eye bracelet from Lisa Gonzlan. I love the evil eye, and I love how this bracelet layers with other pieces. I am also going to be grabbing her happy face bracelet at some point, which I think will pair well with this one.

Hyperchiller: I picked this up during Prime Day, and this was such an amazing Amazon find. Basically, you freeze it, and then put hot coffee into it. And, less than one minute from it, it turns it into iced coffee. I basically used K-Cup coffee, and it tasted so much better than Dunkin’. This makes a great gift as well.

Choices: To the Hills and Back by Audrina Patridge: I am obsessed with the TV show the Hills, so I naturally downloaded this as soon as I heard this existed. So far, I am really enjoying it. It is a quick read, and I am enjoying reading Audrina’s insight on what happened during the show.

Cold Brew Maker: My brother gave me this for my birthday, and this was the best gift to receive. I love this because I can make cold brew that I can actually drink because I can flavor it with dairy free creamer. This is so easy to use, and this too, will make a great gift.

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