4 More Things I Have Been Doing to Save More Money

One thing that I have been doing a lot more is saving money and doing whatever I could to increase how much savings I have. I’ve written a few posts about this (such as this one last month, but I wanted to write another post with more tips in case you’re looking to save some money.

Return Things: During COVID, I get why this would be challenging because you couldn’t return things for a certain period of time. Because of that, I got into the habit of not returning things that didn’t fit properly, and things that I was not impressed with after seeing them in person. So, not only am I wasting money on things that don’t fit, I have more clutter in my home than I actually need. What I’ve done since is sell items that I haven’t been using, but in the future I am working to just return them versus holding onto something that I don’t love or doesn’t fit right.

Watching Less YouTube: I love watching YouTube videos, because I feel like I gain so much information, and in terms of BookTube, I learn about so many books that I otherwise would not know about. However, sometimes it can be bad for my wallet because I am influenced to buy items that may not work for me. Therefore, I’ve been cutting back on the YouTube and replaced them with TV shows. I still support all of the YouTubers that I love and love to learn of new ones, but I want to consume less content that makes me want to purchase things that I don’t need.

Do Other Things Than Shopping: Shopping is important when you need to get something. However, my boyfriend and I would go to the mall just for a day out. That said, I’ve been working on filling my time with other things such as hiking, relaxing, and just watching movies. In the summer, I am sure that I will be at the pool or the beach. And, it’s so much fun to just spend time with my boyfriend and dog.

Learning What Works For Me (and What Doesn’t): I think this past year, I am learning what types of clothing styles and jewelry really works for me. I am also learning what does not. Why it doesn’t always work out, I am monitoring what I wear and don’t, so I don’t purchase more.

What have you been doing to save? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “4 More Things I Have Been Doing to Save More Money

  1. Great ideas! I implemented a new one for me. My closet is pretty full being in my 40’s now. I cannot add anything new unless I get of something (donation or thrown away). It’s a good compromise and keeps the closet not too full.


  2. Excellent, Natalie! You are on it!! The pandemic really helped me stop shopping except for things that I really needed.


  3. I’ve cut back drastically on shopping. I rarely buy without thinking about it for several days since sometimes I’d buy just for the thrill. I’ve also cut back on things like getting manicures and haircuts. I can survive longer in between appointments than I used to be able too. I haven’t bought a book in ages but that’s because I’m taking advantage of Kindle Unlimited which is prepaid and the library ebooks.


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