Eating My Way Around CT: Micalizzi of Milford Opens

Now that summertime is around the corner, ice cream is definitely on my brain. Therefore, it’s a good thing that the Micalizzi location in downtown Milford had opened this past weekend. Micalizzi is an ice cream and Italian ice place. This is the second location of Micalizzi, as the first is located in Bridgeport.

There are a lot of options on the Micalizzi menu in both locations. You can get several flavors of Italian ice, hard and soft ice cream, cookies, and more. You can also get their famous “American Beauty,” which is a combination of their soft serve ice cream and Italian ice. You can also get ice cream sandwiches built with cookies and ice cream.

Yum. All of these options sound so refreshing on a hot day.

I had the opportunity to try their Italian ice at their grand opening, and wow, I was impressed. Having grown up near Libby’s Italian ice in Downtown New Haven, it’s difficult to impress me with great Italian ice. However, this one is a close second. I had their rainbow flavored one and it was so fresh and delicious.

One thing that I really loved about this place was the amount of the dairy free options. Being lactose intolerant, it’s difficult to find ice cream places that have dairy-free choices. This is great, because sometimes there are less dairy free options at ice cream places.

While I never had the opportunity to check out their Bridgeport location, I am already loving Micalizzi’s in their Milford one. I can already tell that it would be my new favorite place this summer.

Be sure to check out Micalizzi’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. To view their complete menu, please go here.

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