Favorite Fall Fashion Items

Fall Fashion is one of the coziest times of year, but for me, it’s the most confusing. Sometimes, the weather is almost 80 degrees. Other times, the weather is chilly. That said, I’m pretty excited to be pulling out some of my favorite pieces and adding a few more in. So, here are my favorites for the fall season:

Cardigan: I love cardigans, especially when it comes to the fall time. The weather is all over the place so having layers is crucial. I have some robe type versions that are super cozy, but I also have chunky knits as well. Cardigans are definitely a go-to for me during the fall season.

Bag: Madewell
Bag: Madwell

Brown leather purses: For some odd reason, I really love brown leather handbags during this time of year. I am currently using a Dooney and Bourke Satchel bag, but I also use the Madewell Transport bag, the Transport bucket bag, and of course, the Transport bucket bag. Yup, I am a big fan of Madewell’s line right here.

Boots: I pretty much wear boots from October all through April. Fall boots for me are a little different than winter, as I tend to opt for ankle boots versus full blown tall ones. And, of course, Ugg boots are still a must for me since I never got over that phase in high school.

Flannels/Plaid shirts: Flannels and plaid shirts are a must for me this time of year. I really have been narrowing down the ones that I have, since I don’t reach for these types of shirts as often as I did when I was younger. Some ways that I wear flannels is with leggings, or with jeans.

Leggings: Leggings season is back, and I am here for it. I love leggings because they can be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear them dressed down with a tunic sweatshirt and be cozy. You can also wear them for work with a tunic and a sweater as well. That said, I will also be wearing them pretty much for an entire season. I typically have a few high quality pairs, and the rest of them are on the inexpensive side.

Crew Sweatshirts: I love crew sweatshirts in the fall. My mom was a huge crew sweatshirt woman, and I have a ton of hers sitting in my closet that I will never part with. Lately, I’ve purchased a few from Shop Disney and Old Navy and I really love it. They pair great with jeans as well as leggings. And they are super comfy for the weekends as well.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Fashion Items

  1. We have had days like that here. Some so warm that it’s OK with a t-shirt and then other days when I need a big coat and gloves. What fabulous outfits. You can’t go wrong with a cardigan. I like them oversized so I can snuggle into them. x


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