Black Friday Sales I’m Eyeing

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After tomorrow, the holiday season is among us. I’m not sure how the shortages will affect Black Friday sales this year, but there are still a few brands that I always shop their Black Friday sales every year. To prepare, I often do a no-spend throughout the month just to make sure I have more than enough money to splurge. Thankfully, I have completed about half of my holiday shopping, so I don’t have to worry too much about it.

Pandora: I am not sure what the sales are going to be this year, but I am really excited about whatever promotions that Pandora offers. Last year, it was 35% and I was able to get so many new fun pieces. This year, I have my eye on the Beauty and the Beast ring as well as the celestial bracelet. I also really like a few of the pieces from the holiday collection, so I will be keeping an eye out for the promotions.

Kohls: I get so many of my gifts through Kohl’s, because they not only have great deals, but they also have great promotions for Kohl’s Cash (which if you’re smart, you use them to buy more gifts).

Barnes and Noble: We all know that I love books. Barnes and Noble has a great selection of autographed books during the holiday season, but they also have great coupons during Black Friday. I have a few books that I am considering, so maybe I’ll add them to my collection.

Amazon Kindle Books: Here’s where the real deals are. I get so many of my e-books that I want to read during Black Friday. E-books are sooo much cheaper than regular, so if Amazon has a promotion on some recent releases, I will be downloading them to my Kindle.

Old Navy: I am done shopping for my boyfriend, but I am always open to grabbing an extra here or there. Old Navy has so many great basics at a great price, so I may be shopping there to get him a little something.

Bath and Body Works: When my mom was alive, I would always get her gifts during Bath and Body Works’ sale. I don’t think that I need anything, but I always like to browse.

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