Ingredients for Happiness?

It seems like everyone out there has a recipe for how to ¬†achieve happiness. In fact, there’s literally an entire wing of the bookstore that is devoted entirely on how to make yourself happy, on how to get from blah to wow. However, who has the magic word to get there? The answer? You. TheContinue reading “Ingredients for Happiness?”

Emotional Relapses?

With any kind of physical ailment, you’re told to basically “take it easy,” by basically resting and limiting your physical abilities until you’re healed. And if you don’t do that, you basically make that wound or injury ten times worse than it was originally. When it comes to an emotional wound, however, things are slightlyContinue reading “Emotional Relapses?”

In The End, It’s a Beginning?

This past week, I’ve experienced numerous endings, as both my relationship and a one of my jobs had ended. Actually, past week is an understatement, as both endings have occurred in the span of an hour. Yeah, you can say that it was an interesting week. In the past, having that all happened to meContinue reading “In The End, It’s a Beginning?”