Shopping My Way Around CT: SV Decker and Luv Mimi Collaborate For A Shopping Event

Clothing and jewelry go together hand in hand — and when two great brands come together it is the perfect combination.

That is what Milford based brands SV Decker and Luv Mimi are doing. For those of you who don’t know, SV Decker is a jewelry store located in Downtown Milford Connecticut and Luv Mimi is an online boutique.

Source: the Luv Mimi Instagram

The two brands have teamed up to host the ultimate shopping event on Saturday, August 29th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SV Decker’s store location on 22 Broad Street in Milford. According to an Instagram post on both accounts, the event will have some snacks, “sips”, raffles and “exclusive deals.”

I talked to Mikala Coppolella the owner of Luv Mimi. This is Coppolella’s second sidewalk sale, but it’s her first collaboration with SV Decker. Coppolella said the event got started when she reached out to Stef Decker, the owner of SV Decker, after following her brand for a while.

“I reached out to Stef from S.V. Decker because I loved her space and brand and just asked if she would want to do an event together for the end of summer/fall season,” Coppolella said. “She’s super sweet and said yes!”

Coppolella added that she is super excited to collaborate with Decker.

“I’m happy I got to meet with her and explore each other’s brands,” said Coppolella.

Luv Mimi is a newer fashion brand on the scene that has a great selection of basic tees, graphic tees, biker shorts and so much more. Coppolella said that Luv Mimi was created in her apartment during quarantine as a side hustle. In addition to running Luv Mimi, Coppolella is actually a graduate student at Fairfield University.

“I have always loved shopping and fashion and wanted to put my energy into something positive,” said Coppolella. “It’s been a lot of fun!”

While Luv Mimi is a newer brand, SV Decker has been a part of the downtown Milford community for a few years now. According to shop owner, Steffi Decker, the brand began during her college days at Fairfield University.

“I was just kind of playing around with a love for art and a love for jewelry and fashion,” Decker said. “The next thing you know it turned into a very, very small business on campus and after I graduated I decided to pursue it a bit more.”

Decker has now been at her current location, 22 Broad Street for almost four years now, and the brand is growing. Now, Decker is getting ready to launch her fall collection, which will include a fine line of jewelry.

“We’ve already launched a few pieces as a little test run this summer and they did absolutely great so we are very excited to open up some more pieces,” Decker said.

However, one trend that Decker recommends customers check out is the chain link necklace.

“It’s a huge staple fashion piece for this fall and it’s very versatile,” Decker said.

The chain link necklace, like many of Decker’s pieces will be available at the event. And, like Coppolella, Decker is excited for the collaboration as well.

“It’s awesome to come together and see each of us thrive so hopefully it’s a success,” Decker said.

You can also find both SV Decker and Luv Mimi on Instagram, so be sure to check them out.

Note: Due to the current pandemic, masks are required for this event.

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