It’s My Four Year Blogiversary!

Today marks four full years blogging. Yes, that’s right. Four years today, I logged into WordPress and wrote a post on this blog, hit publish, and bam this blog was born. 

I actually just took a look at the post that I wrote that day. It was a time of transition. I was entering in my last semester of college (I graduated mid-year), my boyfriend at the time had just broken up with me, and I was trying to figure out what was next. 

To be honest, it’s pretty crazy to look back at it and see where I was at that time. In the time since, so many aspects of my life have changed. My mom died. I met my current boyfriend of over three years. I found a job that I loved.

Me back in 2016.

And, also my blog evolved.

When I started this blog, it was solely a place where I can write opinion-based columns to talk about things that were bothering me or relevant to the time. In fact, one of my highest performing posts of 2016 were posts about the 2016 Presidential Election. And, to some aspects, it is still that.

But, my blog really did grow in the last four years. Well really just the last year. Since leaving the website CT Boom, my blog became a more Connecticut-based site with more content about local shops, restaurants and things to do in the Nutmeg state.

However, my blog isn’t the only thing that has grown over the past few years. I’ve grown tremendously as a human being over that time period. I have begun to grow as an adult and as a person since starting this blog. I started a job, and realized that it wasn’t the end of the world when I discovered that it wasn’t for me. I lost both my mom and my best pal, my dog Maggie and dealt with grief. I met my now boyfriend, and have been in a pretty much stable relationship for over three years. I’m learning how to manage my money better. I’m looking back at the past, and I still can’t believe that I have come as far as I have.

Now that I’m entering my fifth year blogging, I do have some goals for this blog and for me to reach with this blog. And they are: 

  • Reach 500 Followers on my Blog’s Instagram
  • Blog at least 3 times a week
  • Be okay when it is time to take blogging breaks
  • Reach 100 followers on my Blog’s Facebook Page
  • Continue to connect with other bloggers

That said, I hope to continue to blog and grow as a blogger and writer. Cheers to four years!

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