Shopping My Way Around CT: Pennyweights Jewelry

We all know that I love jewelry. This is no secret. I am a huge fan of affordable quality jewelry, which is something that is hard to come by.

Enter Pennywieghts.

I discovered this place through someone’s Instagram, and purchased a few items through their Etsy shop. Some of their earrings go for as little as $5. Yes you heard me. $5. Many of their earrings don’t reach the ten dollar mark. I purchased a few pairs of studs, and other than having one get caught on my mask, I loved them.

Since they are less than an hour from me, I did decide to check them out and did some damage. Many of the pieces were less than $25.

They have a wide selection in every budget — costume jewelry, vermeil, sterling silver, and of course fine jewelry. Since I purely wear Sterling Silver and gold vermeil, I was purchasing that. Many of their stud earrings were less than $15, and they have a variety from pearls, balls, and cute little ones such as moons and stars. These are great for those who have more than one hole in their ear like I do.

In addition to that, they have a huge selection of rings. Gemstones, bands, and vermeil. I recently purchased a rolling ring, and it was less than $25. I wore it the next day, and it was so comfortable on my finger as well.

They also have a lot of chains, and pendants. They have a whole little charm section in their store, which helps you create a necklace that is unique and personal to you. Very cool. They also have the very trendy paper clip necklace, which I snagged and am so excited to layer.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the staff. The person who had helped me was amazing. She gave me a lot of great tips and suggestions for items that would work for me. She also deferred me from buying some items just because she thought that it wouldn’t work for my lifestyle. Personally, I love that because it feels like I am shopping with one of my friends.

Overall, if you are looking to treat yourself, I highly recommend checking Pennyweights. And if you’re not near CT or can’t make the trip, I recommend you check out their Etsy shop as well.

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