Midnight Sun Book Review

The new Twilight novel came out a few weeks ago. Are we in 2008 or 2020? Talk about a throwback. 

Anyway, the new novel, Midnight Sun, is basically Twilight told through Edward’s point of view. Now for a little history on the subject. Midnight Sun was started in 2008, but the first twelve chapters were leaked online. It then became shelved for Stephanie Meyer. That is until now. 

Now, there is not new plot points for the story. But, there is a ton of backstory and additional information on the Cullen family and get more character development than in the original series. For instance, you learn a lot more about Rosalie, and her anger towards Edward while he was pursuing a relationship with Bella. In the original one, you just think that she is stand-offish. In reality, she just is really vain and hates what’s happening.

A good portion of the novel was basically Edward feeling guilty and coming to terms with what he was. Edward felt a lot of remorse about being a vampire, and feels as though he was the worst thing for Bella. He especially felt responsible when James was going after Bella. You see this a lot in the original series, but seeing it from his point of view really helped shape the story, especially in the sequel New Moon. 

Something that I really liked was how Alice saw herself being friends with Bella, well before she was friends with Bella. As many of you who have read the series know, Alice’s gift was that she was physic. She actually predicted that she would be friends with Bella, and that Edward would fall in love with her. And, I thought that was so amazing. 

Overall, I definitely think that I would have enjoyed this book more if I had read in my Twilight phase back in 2008. That said, I still enjoyed it because it was nostalgia of my tween/teen years. 

Now, if you’re thinking about reading this book, should you?


If you were a Twilight fan back in your teen years, then you would enjoy it. It definitely, as I said earlier, adds more to the story. 

Now, before you get excited that there might be some new Twilight books, please know that Stephanie Meyer had said that this is the end of the road for Edward and Bella in a number of articles online. Sad, I know. But, I’m still stoked that this is finally out into the world, and really enjoyed reading it. 

Did you read Midnight Sun? Let me know in the comments below.

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