5 Tips to Read More

Over the last few years, I’ve been doing a lot more reading than ever before. I blame that partially on the fact that I am no longer a college student who has to read for English class. That said, I have been reading on average 100 books per year, which is a lot. So IContinue reading “5 Tips to Read More”

Book Review: Always, In December by Emily Stone

Every year, Josie is a Scrooge during the Christmas season. However, there is one tradition that she keeps up every single year — writing a letter to her deceased parents who died tragically when she was a young girl. Fresh off of a breakup and facing job loss, she nearly crashes her bike into Max,Continue reading “Book Review: Always, In December by Emily Stone”

Millennial Money: A Reader’s Guide to Saving Money

I think we all know that I love reading. I have a lot of books, and I read an average of 2-3 books per week. With that being said, reading can be an expensive habit. However, it doesn’t need to be. There are so many different resources that I have found that you can useContinue reading “Millennial Money: A Reader’s Guide to Saving Money”

I’m Participating In Another Readathon

Last month, I participated in the Peruse Readathon, where I was able to get two books — one of them on my TBR for a while — off of my TBR list. After finishing it, I was so excited to do another one, seeing as I completed two books. A few weeks ago, YouTubers ArielContinue reading “I’m Participating In Another Readathon”

February Reading Wrap Up

While February was a short month, it was a productive one for me in terms of reading. This month, I’ve read a grand total of nine books. What is extremely awesome is that some of the books that I’ve read were actually on my Mashed Potato reading list, which makes me extremely proud of myself.Continue reading “February Reading Wrap Up”

Christmas Book Haul

This Christmas, I went a bit nuts at the bookstore. This reason is because Barnes and Noble had their 50 percent off on book sale, and so did Amazon Kindle. And, let’s add in the fact that I had some gift cards and some coupons. Yeah, I went a little overboard. Here’s what I walkedContinue reading “Christmas Book Haul”

Top Books I Read in 2019

I still can not believe that this is the end of 2019. I also can’t believe that it’s the end of the decade. 2019 was an exceptional year in terms of reading. I’ve surpassed my Goodreads goal by over 20 books. As we close yet another year, here are some of my favorite reads. AllContinue reading “Top Books I Read in 2019”

Blogmas Day 5: 13 Authors That Have Become An Auto Buy For Me

As you can tell, I love reading. I love reading on Kindle, I love reading physical books, and I love listening to them via audiobook. Naturally, I’ve become obsessed with a few authors over the years that have become my favorites. So, here are some authors that I automatically buy without thinking about it wheneverContinue reading “Blogmas Day 5: 13 Authors That Have Become An Auto Buy For Me”

November Reading Wrap Up

As many of you know, I am an avid reader. Recently, I came up with the idea of posting a monthly list of what I read for each month, along with a rating. I love blogging about books, so I thought that this would be something different to blog about. So, without further a due,Continue reading “November Reading Wrap Up”

11 Books I Loved Reading This Summer

Monday is Labor Day, so you know what that means. It’s the end of summer. Well, the unofficial one, anyways, as the summer extends until September 21st. One of the best parts about summer is reading lazily on a beach with waves rustling in the background. This summer was no exception. So, as we headContinue reading “11 Books I Loved Reading This Summer”