5 Tips to Read More

Over the last few years, I’ve been doing a lot more reading than ever before. I blame that partially on the fact that I am no longer a college student who has to read for English class. That said, I have been reading on average 100 books per year, which is a lot. So I wanted to share some of the tips that I have to help you get more reading time in.

1. Make time for reading.

I think the number one thing when it comes to reading more is making time to read more. Simple right? It doesn’t have to be a lot either. You can read a half of an hour before bed or with your coffee when you wake up. I personally read every morning with a cup of coffee, and it’s a good way to get some pages in before starting the day.

2. Read what you like.

Reading is supposed to be fun. Therefore, why read something that is not interesting to you or something that just isn’t peaking your interest? I am so bad at stopping books, because I always want to give books a chance. Sometimes, you just got to put the book down and read something else. And, just because you put a book down doesn’t mean that you’ll never read it. There might be a time when you feel like is a better time for you to read the book. For example, it took me three tries to actually get through Game of Thrones, because it was such a dense and thick book. I finally finished it in 2018. I personally recommend you DNF-ing books, because it will take you twice as long to read a book that you really don’t like versus one or two books that you’re excited to read.

3. Get a Kindle/Nook.

Okay, I get it. There is something about holding a physical book. However, my ereader is my BFF because it fits in my purse and I can take it everywhere. What’s nice about an ereader is that you can also carry many books on one single device, which makes it so easy to carry your entire library, versus having to lug a few books around.

4. Listen to your stories.

I love audiobooks, but I can be picky when it comes to what I actually listen to. One of the reasons why I love audiobooks is because you can just listen to it while you’re doing just about anything else. I listen to books while I’m walking, doing chores, and even while I am blogging. It’s also fun to read books when an author reads them to you as well.

5. Bring your book everywhere.

My last tip is to bring your book everywhere. This is why the ereader is my BFF. I bring books with me when I wait at doctor’s offices, breaks at work, or any time I know that I am going to be waiting. It makes the time go by so much faster and I get a chunk of my book done as well. Win-win.

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