Is the Coach Nolita 19 Worth the Price?

It was about a year ago when I saw this on the Coach Outlet website. A black leather Coach Nolita 19. I thought this would be the perfect bag to carry the bare essentials. It is also a great bag to carry inside a larger tote bag, which is something that I always love having for when I just run in and grab my coffee or just want to make a quick errand.

The Coach Nolita bag is one of the most simple bags. She is a little pouch, with two card slots on one side, and a little pouch on the other.

I currently have six Nolita bags: the black leather one, the cherry one, the Snoopy one, the leopard print one, the dark brown signature and denim (and don’t worry, if they are still available on the Coach Outlet website, they will be linked). The price on this does vary depending on the Coach Outlet sales. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the best deal is to check the website constantly. I do not purchase ones from every single collection, but as I find ones that have meaning to me, I do like to grab them.

So, is this bag worth it?

My answer is yes for many reasons. The first is that this tiny bag surprisingly fits so much. I can fit my Louis Vuitton Recto Verso, my Touchland Hand Sanitzer, a Chapstick, and my iPhone 14 Pro. I used this last week (my fiancé was driving so I didn’t need to have my car remote) to run some errands and it was just so easy. I’ve also used this bag with just the basics for me, which is: Louis Vuitton Recto Verso, my Six Ring Key Holder, and my car key, which is attached to the Recto Verso.

The second is how functional this bag truly is. Yes, this bag is small. But, there are multiple ways to wear this. The two that I personally use it for is a wristlet and as a catch all. But, I’ve seen people on TikTok get a crossbody strap and attach it to use as a crossbody (something that I am considering to get the cost per wear down even further), and add a little chain so that way it can be worn as a shoulder bag as well. I personally think that taking a look at the different ways that you can wear it is crucial when you are going to make a purchase. If you know it’s something that you are going to use everyday for multiple purposes, then for me, it’s worth the investment.

Finally, this bag is a great dupe for the Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories and the mini pochette. If you haven’t heard, these items have increased in price both on the Louis Vuitton website and on the resale market. And, they are not coming down. But, this is a fraction of the price of those and has leather. Plus, it’s Coach so you know that it’s a good quality item.

Plus, this bag is just a fun little bag to add to your collection. Whenever the Coach Outlet does its drops, the Nolita always has a print of its own — and is usually the first piece to sell out (usually it’s something that is on the cheaper side of each drop). And, it’s something that is so fun to add to your day to day life. With its affordable price point, you can collect a few that not only go with everything but is something that you can have some fun with.

After all, isn’t that the point of fashion?

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