5 Earrings for Sensitive Ears Under $50

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and jewelry is one of the best gifts to give your Valentine. However, I wanted to talk to talk about a special kind of jewelry that I really love –earrings. For me, it’s sooo hard to find a pair of earrings that fits the bill for me. I needContinue reading “5 Earrings for Sensitive Ears Under $50”

Friday Faves: October 8, 2021

Natalie Barbu Videos: I don’t know how I discovered these videos, but I have been binge watching her videos lately. I find that she’s really relatable — especially when it comes with financial items. Many of us see these influencers who talk about their spending and their hauls. She talks about money, and I findContinue reading “Friday Faves: October 8, 2021”

Fashion Friday: Jewelry Trends I Am Obsessed With

I think that I am obsessed with jewelry. I love jewelry for many reasons. I have a lot of it that was passed down, so I love that I have a bit of family history that I get to have. Furthermore, I love that certain pieces make me feel a certain way. I have hoopsContinue reading “Fashion Friday: Jewelry Trends I Am Obsessed With”