5 Earrings for Sensitive Ears Under $50

L to R: JoJo Loves You Studs, Adina’s Jewels Hollow Hoops, SV Decker Tusks, Pandora Heart Hoops

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and jewelry is one of the best gifts to give your Valentine. However, I wanted to talk to talk about a special kind of jewelry that I really love –earrings. For me, it’s sooo hard to find a pair of earrings that fits the bill for me. I need them to be lightweight, and hypo allergenic. And, that can be pricey. That said, I wanted to talk about five pairs of earrings that are less than $50 and don’t hurt your ears as well. It’s the best of both worlds, people.

SV Decker Tusk Earrings: These are my favorite hoops because they are so unique. I have the silver pair, but you can get them in gold vermeil as well. They are comfortable to wear, and they are a funky take on a classic earring. What I love about these earrings in particular is that they are lightweight and don’t bother my ears.

JoJo Loves You Stud Earrings: These are by far my favorite stud earrings. What is cool is that these earrings can come in three different sizes — ultra mini, mini, and cushion cut. And, they range from $20 to $36. I wear the ultra minis that I get from Tickled Pink, and I love them. They can be used for my first and my second hole, but you can get them in a few different sizes and colors. And, if you use this referral link, you can get a few dollars off as well.

Adina’s Jewels Mini Thick Hollow Hoop Earring: I have the thick version of these, and I love them so much. Yes, they are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but they are lightweight and oh so comfortable. They also come in three different colors — rose gold, silver, and regular gold. These are a jewelry staple, but for me, they always seemed too heavy. These do just the trick.

Primrose Star Stud Earrings: These earrings are regularly priced at $25, but honestly Kohl’s has so many sales so you can get them even cheaper. They are made of sterling silver, and they are great for first and second piercings. If you’re looking for great earrings for less, than definitely check out Kohl’s. They are amazing quality.

Pandora Asymmetric Heart Hoops: These are by far my favorite pair of hoops. They are fun, lightweight, and so comfortable to wear. They sit right at the $50 mark, but they are so worth it. And, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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